Teaching Through a Pandemic

Teaching through this pandemic has not been easy! It has left many educAtors feeling defeated, exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed, under supported, along with many other feelings.

Oh Hey Karen! We See You!

Y’all know Karen is in our schools right? The one who chooses to get the student in trouble rather than get to know them. The one who teaches black and brown students, but in reality doesn’t even like them? Oh yea you know Karen.

NO MEANS NO! Protecting Our Women At All Costs

Women are victimized daily, yet they decide to swallow the large pill of what has happened to them at the expense of their own mental stability. But why? Why are women keeping silent? 

Stepping Our of Your Comfort Zone

Too often we see injustices happening in our schools and around us and remain silent. Why are we so afraid to speak up for ourselves and our children? It’s time we step up and have the uncomfortable conversations that take a stand for whats right.

The Value of Cultural Competence in Education

Too often children from urban communities enter classrooms with teachers who look nothing like them. Too often children end up with teachers who don’t understand them or where they come from. This is a young African American teachers view on the importance of cultural competence.

The Power of a Quick Check-In

Understanding the value in checking in with your students and children.

An Educator’s Fight For and Against Special Education

An educator’s view on the pro’s and con’s of Special Education.

What Covid Should be Teaching Us…

An inside view on what this time of quarantining, social distancing, and E-Learning has taught me.

Teaching Our Boys to Be Strong

What happens when we push the narrative that our young boys must be emotionally STRONG!

Finding The Balance During Covid

How I manage my day to do day and find some type of balance during these times.

Sympathy -vs- Empathy

My views on the importance of being empathetic as an educator in urban communities.

50 Minutes

My view on how realistic teachers expectations of students are in an everyday class period.

Sharing is Caring

Finding the value in sharing stories and parts of your life with your students.

Do Your Kids Ride For You?

A view on the value of riding for your students.

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