50 Minutes

What do you do during “PD day?” So, the other day we had a day of “Professional Development” also known as a “PD day.” We came in, had breakfast, and prepared to sit through a day of workshops. The first part of the day was designated to a keynote speaker who came to talk aboutContinue reading “50 Minutes”

Sharing is Caring

I’m the type of teacher who is ALWAYS in my student’s business. I want to know whatever it is they are willing to share with me. I’d like to say it’s because the more you know about students the more you understand why they move how they move and do what they do. Others mayContinue reading “Sharing is Caring”

Do Your Kids Ride For You?

Do your kids ride for you?  Nothing is worse then trying to teach the day before a holiday, or a school break. The students are all over the place, LITERALLY! Some are home because they just didn’t feel like coming, and the ones that are there are generally there because their parents forced them to come.Continue reading “Do Your Kids Ride For You?”